About Levy Park

The Upper Kirby Redevelopment Authority’s redevelopment of Levy Park has established an exciting, community-focused, mixed-use environment within Houston’s Upper Kirby District. Redevelopment of the park features curated, year-round programming, native landscaping, playscapes, water features, a performance pavilion, an event lawn, a community garden and dog park.


Since adopting Levy Park, The Upper Kirby Management District has shown their dedication to the upkeep of the park with a two-phase renovation project which has included removal of a dilapidated pool, the addition of a community garden and a designated area for dogs. As one of the only green spaces in the District, the park has been the subject of exhaustive studies funded by the redevelopment authority aimed at improving it for the community.

Levy Park and much of the bustling Upper Kirby District is located on land that was originally granted to transplanted east coast businessman, Allen C. Reynolds, by Mexico in 1831, five years before Houston’s founding. Levy Park was deeded to the City of Houston by Leon Levy in 1952. This 5.6 acre tract of land was once a bustling community gathering place, but tucked between a cul-de-sac on Eastside Street and Wakeforest, Levy Park suffered from a lack of visibility and the park began to fall into a state of disrepair.

Tree Relocation